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Private instruction
Private sessions are conducted between one trainer and one client.  In these sessions, we analyze your posture, movement patterns, strength and flexibility; assess any injuries or contraindications to movement; and learn your goals and dreams.  The client is guided through a one-hour workout utilizing the studio equipment, both Gyrotonic® and Pilates.  Our aim is to give you a training experience that will excite you about movement, your strength and your range of movement.
Rates vary by instructor and location.  ($60-$85 per hour.)
Pilates Mat Classes
Mat Classes are group exercise classes.  The amazing body sculpting exercises created by Joseph Pilates will leave you breathless.  Costs vary by location and instructor.  $15/hr for a single class & $60 for a class card of 6 is typical.  Please call or e-mail for details and class times.
Semi-Private Sessions
These sessions are just like the Private sessions, except these are conducted between one instructor and two clients.  It is helpful if the two clients are similarly skilled in Pilates.  Cost varies by trainer and location.  ($45-$55 per hour per person.)
Workshops are 2-3 hours in length, depending upon the topic.  We will guide a maximum of 10 students through the mechanics of a particular joint system (low back, knee, shoulder, etc.)  We offer exercises, stretches and imagery that can greatly enhance the fluidity of movement and lessen tension.  Knowledge is power!  The 3-hour workshops usually cost $60 in advance and $75 at the door.
Circuit Training
Circuit training on the equipment is where we create a work-out for you on the studio iPod.  Then you come in and work yourself out on the equipment with guidance from the iPod.  The work-out can be adjusted to your needs, with new exercises being added as you master the old exercises.  This requires a certain level of ability and familiarity with the equipment and principles of Pilates and so you must receive clearance from a Pacific Movement Center instructor before beginning Circuit Training.
Costs may vary by location ($35/hour is typical).
Open Studio Hours
Open Studio Hours gives more experienced students access to the studio equipment for their own work-out.  This requires a certain level of expertise and familiarity with Pilates Principles and Pilates equipment.  You must receive clearance from a Pacific Movement Center Instructor before beginning Open Studio Hours.
Prices vary by location.  ($25/hr is typical.)  Please see Studio Membership for further savings.
Studio Membership
A studio membership allows full use of the studio for self-guided workouts when a certified instructor is present at a discounted rate.  Currently available only at the Santa Cruz studio.

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