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Ahhhh books. What is better than curling up in a cozy chair with your highlighters, sticky tabs, a cup of tea and a new book? If heaven is better than this, we will be really excited. If they let us in, that is. Well, just in case the Pearly Gates slam shut upon our approach, here is our Recommended Reading list so we can enjoy the here-and-now. These are the books that have inspired, educated, intrigued and amazed us.

Books for Clients

Many clients are curious about the mechanics of the body or how to access power and ease in their movement. These books have helped many of our clients to polish technique, deepen understanding, and enrich the mind-body connection.

"Inner Focus, Outer Strength" by Eric Franklin
"Wisdom of the Body Moving" by Hartley
"Body Control Pilates Manual" by Robinson
"The Pilates Method - Physical and Mental Conditioning" by Friedman and Eisen

Required Reading for Students of Pilates Teacher Training Program

Here are the more advanced books for those who are studying to be teachers or are already there. These are the texts that have helped us in our mentoring of new instructors.

Required Reading
"Dynamic Alignment through Imagery" by Eric Franklin
"Anatomy Coloring Book" by Kapit & Elson

Strongly Recommended Books
"Thieme's Atlas of Anatomy" by Gilroy, MacPherson, Ross, Voll, and Wesker
"Anatomy of Movement" by Blandine Calais-Germain
"Ideokinesis - A Creative Approach to Human Movement & Body Alignment" by Bernard, Steinmuller, & Stricker

Books for Gyrotonic Apprentices

Gyrotonic, the brainchild of Juliu Horvath, is drawn from his experiences with dance, yoga, martial arts and the natural world. This rich and fascinating movement method can be enriched though a deeper understanding of its background. These texts can help you get there....

"Eight Human Talents" by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa
"The Healing Promise of Qi" by Roger Jahnke
"Wisdom of the Body Moving" by Hartley


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