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My machines are built for athletes, dancers and health conscious people.... (My machines) work in three dimensions and in a circular fashion, expanding (energy) rather than constricting. The natural flow of energy is an outward movement. The energy flows toward the extremities through all your activities. The circular movements of the machines enhances this quality by working from the center toward the perimeter and reflect(ing) back to the center.
--Juliu Horvath--
Called the "Walk Taller" workout by Fitness magazine. Its emphasis is on continuous spiraling, circular movements that require involvement of many muscle groups at one time. This helps the body build strength without sacrificing flexibility. Once a client has mastered the fundamental movements, the workout can become cardiovascular in nature.
GYROTONIC® movement patterns incorporate movement from all planes of possible spinal movement: flexion (forward bending), extension (arching backward), side-bending, translation (shifting side-to-side), rotation (twisting), and circumduction. These unique aspects give GYROTONIC® movements the ability to effect change in spinal imbalances, such as scoliosis of the spine, chronic rotation in the upper back, or impingement of the discs.
The creator of GYROTONIC® Exercise, Juliu Horvath, was a young dancer with the Timisoara State Opera Ballet in Romania. His interests in yoga, dance, engineering and construction resulted in GYROTONIC® Exercise with its unique blend of Kundalini yoga, weight training, breath work and dance. He created his beautiful equipment to assist in "articulation of the joints and strengthening of the surrounding ligaments in such a way that it makes the connection between the bones much stronger. It is not bulk that gives strength, it is the (ability to maintain) connections between the joints (that give strength)."
Our GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® teacher training courses are conducted by our resident Master Trainer, Stephanie Spencer.  As a member of this highly trained, exclusive group she receives continuing education from founder Juliu Horvath throughout the world.

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